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A Matter of Taste
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Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (WA) accepts requests to submit wine samples for taste evaluation and rating in conjunction with the scheduled reports published in the Wine Advocate's Editorial Calendar. For each report, Wine Advocate Reviewers will select wines to review from the Wine Advocate's Producer database and invite the selected wineries to submit samples directly for tasting.

We do not accept unsolicited samples for review and do not accept wine samples that are unrelated to scheduled reports.

All wineries/producers interested in becoming eligible for selection and review must first become part of the Wine Advocate Producer database. To become part of this Wine Advocate Producer database you must COMPLETE and SUBMIT the Wine Advocate Producer Data form via the link below. This will add/input your winery details into our database.

Please note: We ask that producers (or importers if designated to submit this information) also provide high resolution wine label images for inclusion in the wine review and rating (should your wine be selected). Please send the label images to .



Wines from producers included in the Wine Advocate Producer database will be given the opportunity to be considered for review. Reviewers (assigned to a region) will contact producers or winery representatives directly to organize submission of wines for tasting. Wines may be submitted and tasted in two ways:

  1. Winery Tasting - Reviewer will coordinate and confirm timings for a tasting at the winery.
  2. Off-Site Tasting - Reviewers will provide shipping instructions to send samples to a designated location.

Once wines are evaluated, the Wine Advocate reserves the sole right to determine which wines and tasting notes will be included in our publications. We in no way guarantee that wines presented for evaluation will be included in any subsequent published reports, nor given a tasting note and score.

Overview: Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Submission Process

  1. Add your winery to the Wine Advocate Producer database by submitting producer and wine information via the Enter Wine Advocate Producer Data link above.
  2. The Wine Advocate will add your Producer Data details to the relevant Reviewer's database of wineries.
  3. Reviewers will make a direct "call for samples" to producers in this Wine Advocate Producer database whose wines they select (according to Report themes and tasting requirements). The "call for samples" will generally be made by e-mail.
  4. Producers will send samples directly to Reviewers (according to each Reviewer's mailing instructions) or make arrangements for cellar tastings (as needed) with Reviewers.